I love playing FoE, I really do, but I don’t do well during the events and I find it frustrating. My son and I have a friendly rivalry and I’ve found that the boy is lucky… all the time. He has 3 wishing wells and has won the last prize. At Christmas he won the confectionary. He always hits all the green lights while driving, but that is another matter.

We have a small guild of 20 souls and about 6 people don’t actively play. That said, I’ve never had a trade not picked up right away or been forgotten in the Great Building teams we have. We have two now. I think that’s amazing. So few members and we have two teams!

Despite my being jealous of those who do well during the events, I still play and try my best.

My young man is now 2,000 points ahead of me and I’m not sure how to catch up this time. Time will tell. I love a good friendly rivalry. I highly recommend finding someone very close to you in points to have your own rivalry with. It gives the game a little more depth. And, it’s pretty fun too.



I find it curious that some individuals (and guilds as well) looove drama. Many say they want to play drama free, but I’ve noticed the louder some yell it, the more drama they cause for example:

A number in a fairly large guild develop begin arguing about whatever… it scarcely matters what they argue about… then a contingent (usually consisting of some of the high point members and a bunch from the topish and middle) flee the land of “drama” and make their own guild or all join another “better” guild. I watched one guild recently do just that. They made their own guild. It was small and seemed informal. Then something happened and a blow-up occured in the small guild that was formed with the express purpose of being “drama free”. It happened and a portion of those who had just left a guild and made this new guild… they left to start another “drama free” guild. Wow right?

I can hardly relate it to you because it’s so silly and messy. I wonder sometimes what is meant by “drama free”?

Oh and there’s an unspoken rule that some people adopt that if you talk about Real Life (RL) things in the game you’ll make them mad and they’ll kick you out. Again… Wow right?

As I’ve heard many times on many of the worlds I play in… “It’s just a game.”

As long as msgs are within FoE rules and guidelines it scarcely matters what is talked about in a guild.

Read a msg thread or skip it. That’s each player’s choice.

My choice is not to play with drama queens. I’ve gone back to a guild I know is drama free because I belonged to it before and it has never had drama that I’m aware of and everyone supports each other. It’s smaller and not aggressive. The good thing about not being an aggressive  is that the members are more likely to not be aggressive toward each other as well. (There’s a chance of it anyway.)

Play to have fun or not. It’s for each of us to choose and no one should be rude and try to make others conform to their ideals.

Play on!


I’m playing in just three worlds now (1, 3 and 8) and I can hardly sit still long enough to pick up my stuff. Then there is polishing and motivating (P/M’ing) in all three guilds right? Then my friends. It’s become a chore these days and no longer a contest to do better than myself and my guildmates.

I’ve been playing, man, it will be 2 years in December. Wow right?

Right now I’m going back to my very other person each day accept weekends (unless I feel like it).

Why keep playing? Because… I really do like the game. I’m playing more aggressively now. I’m fighting both PvP and GvG. Sometimes I’m winning a lot of medals. I need tens of thousands of medals to get more expansions. There is only so much you can do in a small city. lol

Anyone else have these problems?

I have been playing Forge of Empires since the middle of 2012. Man, that’s a very long time. Of course we won’t talk about playing Diablo, in all it’s incarnations, to the present as well. FoE can take up a lot of time. I know I became basically obsessed and with each new world that opened I started a new city. It was exciting . . . for a while. We hit world 8 (Houndsmoor) and I started cutting back. Put half of the cities out to pasture. Oh I visited like once a month. Blah. Too much.

Now I’m so involved in my work and my life that I just don’t have time to give it my full attention. I haven’t played for several weeks. My son teased me yesterday about it so I’m doing a little work to try to hold up my commitment to the people I FoE play with.

I mean, let’s face it, training my puppy has to come before polishing and motivating.

I think if I could give a wise (I hope wise) word to FoE players it would be this: do not ever, never, neglect or slow down playing in your real world life (RL as we say) to play any game. The games should be more of a reward. Not your life. Never that.

What is the point of having lived if it is only to go to work, eat, play FoE (or any game) and go to bed. If that is me…. then I leave nothing of myself behind. That’s no what I want. I want to leave a legacy to my kids, my family, whoever I might inspire or give a word of wisdom (there’s that word again) to.

Go forth! Play your games! But honestly do this with the most fervour you can muster: LIVE YOUR LIFE!!

Forge of Empires

The difference between you and me is… Ha ha!!

The difference is EVERYTHING!!!

When we talk about playing a video game we tend to relate things via our own history, intelligence, mood and oh… everything! People who playe Forge of Empires are no different. From the essential of trading goods and choosing what ratio to use to choice of profile pic the variety is endless.

One of the most persistent and consistent difficulties arise, as I say, trading goods. I’m playing actively in 4 worlds/guilds, playing around in 1 world and beta world D. Some of the guilds I belong to (a different one in each world) use “fair trade” rules. The rest, use “fair trade” rules. OMG  You would think it would be easy to define “fair trade” rules right? Nope.

To my mind fair trade practices are those that I don’t need a calculator or app to calculate what ratios I need to trade at across different eras (levels right next to each other) are NOT “simple.

I checked out Wikipedia just now and “Fair trade” is defined as: an organized social movement that aims to help producers in developing countries to make better trading conditions and promote sustainability.

And furthermore…  “fair trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. Fair trade organizations, backed by consumers, are engaged actively in supporting producers, awareness raising, and in campaigning for changes in the rules and practice of conventional international trade.

Okay, okay. Let’s say this, simple fair trade consists of trades going up or down ONE age/era/level only double or halve in number. Uh… Like this:  2:1  and  2:2  and 1:2  It does not matter how advanced the ages are the trades will still function using the same ratios regardless. Always doubling trading for the next higher era  OR  half of the number of goods asked for when offering goods in the era directly below the era you’re offering for what you want  OR  in the same era asking for the SAME number of goods that you are offering. So it would look like this:

Offering 20 coffee, asking for 10 coke. That’s like offering 50 coffee for 25 coke. Got it?

Offering 50 coke for 25 gasoline

Offering 5o gasoline for 25 packaging

When going down an era just revers the numbers thusly: Offering 25 packaging for 50 gasoline.

Ah ha!!

The other method is based upon the idea that the goods in eras further along (higher) in the tech tree cost more and are not double the era that comes just before it. No 2:1  or  1:2 ratio. Thusly, trades are based upon higher operating costs for production of higher era goods.

Whatever. Players are often referred to what I think is the most commonly used Forge trading calculator found Here.

Whatever. Leaders, friends, neighborhood associates… offer whatever proportion you want when trading ACCEPT for trades meant for your guild only. These should follow whatever guidelines your guild leaders have chosen. If you don’t you’re just asking for trouble and possibly ridicule and eventually even getting the boot.

There are so many differences of opinion on how to trade properly. I want – I just want – guild leadership people to post somewhere obvious the ratios they demand us to trade… WITH EXAMPLES!   That’s all I want.

I don’t want to examine the trades I can see on the board to see if I can find a similar trade by someone else in my guild so I can do what they do and not piss people off.

I want to create trades that don’t make me sweat. I want others to want to pick them up quickly.

No sweating. No swearing. No scrambling.

Just clean, simple instructions that make me feel good.

No sweating. I get enough of that when new neighbors in the hood start raiding my goods the first day and all those following that. It’s okay to sweat over stuff getting stolen. Not okay to sweat trading. Nope. No sweating.

If this post is confusing that’s too bad. That’s what happens when I try to remember what which method each guild uses. Crikey.

Supplies – New Page

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Check out the newly added Supplies page. More to come soon.

One of the many things to consider when playing Forge of Empires is the rate you wish to produce goods. Each Era has several goods plants you can manufacture and use throughout the game. Each player is give 2 (two) goods that are “boosted” or have a “push” as I like to call it. This simply means that instead of producing 1 (one) of the good you are making per 4 (four) hours, you make 5 (five) per 4 (four) hours.

Generally, players will tell you to only produce the goods you have a push for. It is very logical. It is what I do. I have build “one-off” plants before when I wanted goods that were simply not available at the time. It’s painful but in one expensive day (a whole day costs more than the shorter production periods) 20 goods are produced. 24 hours is an easy way to keep track of when your goods are ready to be “picked-up” or “harvested”. There is always the chance that someone will overcome your defenses and plunder your city taking whatever goods are laying around for them to take. This sucks.

An advanced friend of mine who has more points than I’m ever likely to see said she always produces 1,000 of a good  before demolishing the building. That way she has plenty to use throughout the game without freaking out about not having enough of a good nor being able to trade a good she produced to acquire a good she needed.

I’m testing this method presently. In one city I haven 5 granite producing plants. I make 100 granite a day as long as I have the coins and supplies to do so. Granite is a highly desired good that seems to be on the rare side… everyone wants to buy some! I’ve decided to play slower in this particular world so I can try this out. I do like seeing the bigger numbers.

I’ve also been trying it in my advanced city that takes place in the Modern Era. I had 900 of two of the goods being used in this age. Within a very short time it was all gone. Valuable lesson learned…. make way more than you think you  need!

Forge of Empires – Play Free!

Game Tip: If you are looking for blueprints for Great Buildings you wish to build you should consider polishing & motivating as many people as possible as often as possible. When you do this you will periodical receive free blueprints. This is a challenging and cheaper way to collect blueprints although I admit it is slower than buying them with 200 diamonds per blueprint (there are nine per building). Diamonds of course can be had by winning certain quests or special events or by buying them with RL (Real Life $).

My most exciting time was a recent weekend when I picked up blueprints and completed two Great Buildings! Just that weekend! This is rare, but it was worth the p/m time. With that city I have 33 in my guile, 75 in my Friends list and 80 in my Neighborhood. Every 24 hours I can p/m them all… or not, it’s my choice.

1. If you have a slow computer only play in a few worlds.

2. If you have a fast computer go ahead and play in as many as you want. Just remember you have a life too. 

3. Do not spend a lot of RL (real life) money on the game unless money is no object and you like doing things the easy way. LOL

UK world #1…. sold everything and bought Happiness makers for people to polish. I’m out!

USA world
#1  Probably drop. Stuck trying not to enter the Colonial Age because I’m not prepared to. Not really any friends here that I would miss in real life (RL).
#2  Just switched to a guild for smaller cities (fewer points). Although it is huge, hovering about 80 and I had to wait to get in, I fit nicely into the middle of the pack and think I can move up with some effort.
#3  My elderly city. Started a year ago. Finished the tech tree and the last age released to date. Waiting on the Modern Age to be released. I’m just amassing a fortune and goods.
#4  Uh… I’ve forgotten…. See, too many to do.
#5  I support a GB circle/team so I feel like I should keep playing here… but I’m not really advancing. I could stop here and just let them know I’ll be leaving the team. We’ll see.
#6  I like building this world. I’ll stick.
#7  Not personally involved in this newest world from Forge of Empires just yet. No Great Buildings so I won’t let down those who are playing with me. Probably will drop.

Uh… so much to consider… and then stick with.