Forge of Empires – Wearing Me Out!

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Addictive video games, browser based games, Forge of Empires
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I love playing Forge of Empires (FoE). I probably play too much but I expect it’s better for my brain than watching TV or something. We’re in the midst of a “quest” in FoE. They have them several times a year. This one is the winter/Christmas one of course. Each day brings a new part of the quest (an individual and different quest). With 8, yes EIGHT, worlds/cities I’m a bit busy. It frustrates me a bit because I’ve found I really have come to like building and rebuilding my cities and developing my own style of playing.

FoE, in their infinite wisdom, have made “unattached” military units a huge part of the “gifts” you can win when you compete a quest. These sort of suck. Since they are unattached if they get killed when you attack someone and they die they can’t be replaced or repaired. You just lose them. You can use them for defense and I do this with most of the quest units however, since these tend to be strong units the prospect of fighting with my Iron Age military units against far superior unattached units so I can win points and medals (very important stuff) very difficult. All my guys get killed all the time. Suddenly the crappiest cities have defenses the opponent could never afford to buy and I can’t beat them.

I win the free units as well, but that’s not the point. It hurts my opponent too and I see it hurting the game overall as lower Age tournaments are abandoned in favor of creating a mercantile city with an unattached defense. That sucks. It means I won’t be able to battle until my younger cities get much much older and have stronger units. Grrr…

Visit Forge of Empires to check out this addictive game… regardless of your age you might just love it.

Forge of Empires


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